League Information

The GI Youth Football League is open to kids of all ages between kindergarten and 6th grades.

K-2 Flag Football League

Plays every Sunday, two games back to back, beginning at 12pm.

3 – 5 Flag Football League

Plays immediately following our K-2 league, every Sunday, two games back to back, beginning at 2:00pm.

5 – 6 Tackle Football League

Plays every Saturday morning with games beginning at 9am.

Once all registrations have been accounted for, the league will contact all the coaches of each league and an ONLINE DRAFT will occur on a specified date to be determined.

We understand how busy everyone is that time of year, especially for all of our volunteer coaches. To make things simple, we will ask all coaches to jump online from the comfort of their homes and participate in this draft. A link to the draft will be sent out to everyone with an assigned date and time to participate.

If you are requesting a specific team, and/or registering an existing team, we will accommodate each and every request to the very best of our ability. Please submit these requests to us as far in advance as possible using the online registration form, making your request in the specified field “Team/Coach Requests.”

As an example, if your team already has nine players assigned before the draft, and each team will need to have a roster of eleven, you will not draft your remaining two players until rounds ten and eleven.

Both flag football drafts will occur on the same evening. The tackle football draft will occur approximately one week later so coaches will have the opportunity to evaluate players as they first work with the high school varsity coaches beginning on July 29th – August 2 at 6pm, every evening for that week at Memorial Stadium.

For all flag football coaches, a purple mesh bag including flags, cones, footballs, and extra mouth pieces will be available for pickup on Friday, July 26, 6-7pm, and Saturday, July 27, 8am-9am at a location to be determined.

For all tackle football players and coaches, primary equipment check-out will be Saturday, July 20, 8am-1pm. We will offer an early-bird check out date of Saturday, July 13, 8am-11am. These will be the only two check-out dates offered, please make arrangements to ensure you can have your player(s) at one of these two dates to receive gear.

Coaches will be responsible for contacting parents of players on their teams and setting the schedule for regular practices. The practice fields just west of Memorial Stadium will be available for use on a first come, first served basis. The freshman football team does hold regular practices in this location and are usually finished by 6pm on weeknights.

Tackle football participants will spend the first week of the season going through drill work with the varsity coaches every evening for one week. During this period, coaches will have the opportunity to evaluate players before the draft on each of those nights. This window will also allow league coordinators to address any additional equipment issues before the season officially begins and practices are underway. Drill work and evaluation week for these players begins on July 29th – August 2. Practice schedules and team assignments will be made the following week once the draft is complete.

If you are interested in coaching a team, please indicate this either within the online registration form, or, you can send us an email directly. We are always in need of more coaches, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever be a part of, and our kids gain so much from you giving of your time. Thank you in advance of your time and service to our kids!

The GI Youth Football League has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to inappropriate behavior towards our referees, parents, participants, or coaches. Any instance of conflict, fowl language, abuse, or other behavior that creates a delay in play, or sets a poor example of sportsmanship and disrespect in front of our players, parents, coaches and referees, the following will be enforced immediately by a league director:

The individual in question will be immediately dismissed from the game and will be required to leave the campus. Should the individual refuse to leave, law enforcement will be notified and his team will forfeit the remainder of the game without exception. Upon refusing to leave, the individual in question will also be suspended the remainder of the year and not be allowed to return. An additional review of the incident with Senior High Athletic Department personnel will determine whether the individual in question may, or may not be allowed to return the following year.

This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and it will be fully enforced without exception. Understand the choice that is being made and the consequences that will follow.

The GI Youth Football League has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to inappropriate behavior between players before, during, or after the game. Any instances of fowl language, intentional late hits, taunting, throwing of punches, pushing and shoving, spitting, or outward disrespect of referees, coaches, or parents, the player in question will be required to sit out the remainder of the game without exception. The referee will inform the league director of the issue and that player will be immediately removed.

League directors, coaches, and referees will meet after the game to determine whether further action is needed as they will assess the severity of the incident and consider the number of offenses for the player in question.

Coaches, please make these expectations clear to your players. Help them understand that this kind of behavior is not part of the game at this level and the consequences are very real in regard to their actions.

Referee’s will be in direct contact with league directors for all instances in this regard. Coaches are encouraged to communicate with the referees first, not the league directors. Should our officials see fit to do so, they will contact a league director to determine necessary action to have the player removed and potentially disciplined the following week.

This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and it will be fully enforced without exception.

Flag Football: $45.00 – League shirt included (K-5)

Tackle Football: $90.00 – League shirt/all equipment included for duration of the season. (5-6)

With on-going construction for the new Memorial Stadium project, the 2019 season will be somewhat fragmented when it comes to game locations, concessions, and restroom availability. We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding this year, it’s temporary and will be well worth the wait. As we get closer to week one, we’ll communicate our plan and offer more detail.

The safety of our kids is priority one, no question. Given the season our league operates, weather does play a factor from time to time. Please stay current with league announcements via Facebook and Twitter. We typically make those announcements the night before, and the morning of scheduled games.

Yes, we’d all love to play some “snow-ball” when the flakes start flying. However, we have been tasked with keeping your kids safe, first and above all.

All of our league coaches and directors are well trained when it comes to concussion protocols. Both league directors are also “Heads Up Certified” and continue to stay current with on-going training. Please take the time to read the following links; this information is to help inform yourself, and your family, about the proper techniques and warning signs when it comes to this issue, not to mention familiarize yourself with the overall GI football mission.

Full Staff Clinic Heads Up
Tackling Progression

Please take the time to reference our calendar of events. Everything that you need to know will be listed within our new online calendar. Not only will this cover the entire GI Youth Football League, but it will also touch on some additional camp offerings across the area.

Online Calendar

This is an incredibly popular part of our league, the PPK competition! The 2019 season will bring about some changes with this event, but we believe that our kids love a good challenge! For anyone wanting to gain a competitive advantage this year, begin working on your ACCURACY, not distance!

Another change that will be implemented this year, we will be keeping track of team records and overall league standings. This will help create a clear picture for post-season play, determine playoff seeds, and offer each team the ability to be in control of their own “destiny.”

Each week, all three leagues will reflect their teams records, current post-season seeding beginning after week 3, with wildcard points being assigned to teams that meet a specific threshold of defensive points given up at the 3-5 flag and 5-6 tackle levels. This will allow great defensive teams an opportunity to move up in the seedings even though they may struggle offensively.

For every team that gives up 14 points or less defensively, win or lose, they are awarded 2 points.

For example;

Team Purple is 4-0. (1 point for every WIN.) Team Purple has 4 points.
Team Purple also gave up more than 14 points in every single game defensively.
Team Purple receives 0 defensive points.

Team Purple is 4-0 with a total of 4 points.

Team Yellow is 2-2. (1 point for every WIN). Team Yellow has 2 points.
Team Yellow gave up 14 points or less in two of their games.
Team Yellow is awarded 4 defensive points

Team Yellow is 2-2 with a total of 6 points.

Team Purple may have a better record at 4-0, but would be a #2 seed.

Team Yellow beats Team Purple because of more defensive wildcard points.
They earn a #1 seed.

To often we see so many teams that struggle on the offensive side of the ball, but are very good defensively. This structure will award great defensive efforts even more than a win. There’s always something to play for regardless of the outcome, and those efforts can have a big impact come playoff time.

Our K-2 flag football league will not have a point system, but will keep track of wins and losses to determine playoff seeding.