My son wants to play on a traveling team; what’s the biggest difference between them and the GI Youth Football League?2019-05-13T19:59:24-06:00

The main difference is that our league is focused on being developmental. We are committed to helping develop young men of character and in football skill acquisition while also helping kids compete and develop a love of the game. We also do this at a fraction of the cost and travel time.

I have concerns about a coach, what should I do?2019-05-05T17:36:50-06:00

We have never had this question asked of us; but we wanted to include it to ensure all of our parents, this would be taken very seriously if it ever was brought to our attention. Our league is incredibly blessed with men of the utmost character and integrity when it comes to our volunteer coaches. We would not trade any of them for anyone. They are true men of selfless service with a commitment to the betterment of our kids and success of our community. If for any reason a concern should arise, please find a league director, we’ll be more than willing to listen and act appropriately.

The referees and/or coach isn’t calling the game according to the rules, and it’s getting out of hand, who can I talk to…?2019-05-05T17:36:29-06:00

Please understand that the league goes to great lengths in discussing game rules with coaches and referees. We do have pre-season meetings where coaches have the ability to offer-up suggestions and give feedback to help make the league even better. That being said, we do understand that the competitive nature of the game and the youth of our referees may lend itself to some situations that need to be addressed. We ask that you CALMLY find a league volunteer and/or league director to communicate your concerns. We are more than happy to intervene and correct the issue if we determine there is something that needs to be addressed.

My child forgot his mouthpiece, is it still ok for them to play today?2019-05-05T17:36:09-06:00

No. All players MUST have a mouthpiece before being allowed to participate. Please contact a league volunteer and/or director, we have extras on site and will be happy to get you one so they can continue to participate in the day’s games.

Does my child have to have cleats to participate?2019-05-05T17:35:48-06:00

No. Cleats are certainly helpful, but not required.

Will we have access to restrooms during the games?2019-05-05T17:35:27-06:00

Yes. That accommodation will be made is some form or fashion.

Will the food trucks be back again this year?2019-05-05T17:34:59-06:00


What consists of being a league volunteer?2019-05-05T17:34:39-06:00

Free gear! We simply ask for people to wear our league gear, which you can keep, a nice dry-fit tee and/or hoody, and be a liaison to anything and anyone that might need some attention. We’ll give you a radio to be in contact with league directors, the rest is easy…. “if you see a need, fill the need.”

My child really wants to play but it might be too expensive for us to participate?2019-05-05T17:34:14-06:00

The league does offer assistance to those who may not be able to afford the registration fee. Please send us an email under the “Contact Us” tab and let us know how we can reach out to you.

I would like to coach a team but really don’t know much about football?2019-05-05T17:33:54-06:00

The single greatest asset any coach brings to our league is his or her “time.” First and foremost, that greatly benefits our kids regardless of your football experience so please step forward and contribute that gift. We’ll be happy to find a place for you on a team that might be short-handed and could use some assistance. That’s a great opportunity to learn, contribute, and serve in a coaching capacity.

Will paper registrations be accepted for this season?2019-05-15T19:14:34-06:00

Yes, paper registrations will be accepted if online registering is not an option for you, but only until July 1st, 2019. Please download this form and follow the instructions accordingly.

I missed the registration deadline, can I still sign-up?2019-05-05T17:33:11-06:00

Please select the “Contact Us” tab on this site and submit your request to the league. Each request is taken on a case by case basis and is determined based on numbers and roster room availability.

Will tackle football play both at Senior High and Central Catholic this year?2019-05-05T17:32:50-06:00

There is a very good possibility of this happening again, yes. Where all of these games will be played will be determined as we get closer to week one.

When will team rules and regulations be released?2019-05-05T17:32:26-06:00

Rules and regulations will be released by August 1st once all of the registrations have been accounted for and we know how many kids we have participating in each league.

When is the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition?2019-05-05T17:31:59-06:00

The competition date will be determined toward the end of the regular season. It’s difficult to specify an exact date without knowing how weather will alter our regular season schedule. Our first priority is to get in as many games as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

When will team schedules be released?2019-05-05T17:31:34-06:00

Team schedules will be released approximately one week after the online draft has taken place. We anticipate schedules to be out the first week in August.

I need to get a different sized helmet, pants, or pair of shoulder pads. When and where can I do this and who do I need to contact?2019-05-05T17:31:10-06:00

On this site, please select the following option: “Equipment Needs.” Fill in the required fields with your name, phone number, email address and reference what the equipment issue is, i.e. “need larger helmet.” If possible, please include the size that you need as well. Your request will be responded to within 24 hours. We will not respond to phone calls and/or texts. Your request must come through the website so we can accurately keep track of who needs what, and when.

I ordered the wrong sized shirt for my child, can I change it?2019-05-05T17:30:45-06:00

There will be one group re-order that will be submitted after week #2, so please contact your coach with the correct size so they can relay that information to one of the league directors BEFORE the end of week #2.

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